We are Swiss based service provider and repair various electronic altimeter. Varios have a tough life, and sometimes they need some tender loving care to make up for it. We repair Volirium, Flytec, Bräuniger and Naviter varios.


Repair Service

Vario-Repair is a subsidiary of the Swiss company Ballon Service Schmidle Gerhardt.

Vario-Repair by Ballon Service Schmidle Gerhardt

We repair varios by Flytec Balloon, Volirium, Flytec, Bräuniger and Flymaster. We also do battery replacements and small repairs for Avocet watches (subject to spare parts availability).

Sending for repair

When sending your vario for repair, make sure you send it to the correct address. We reserve the right to pass postal charges for incorrectly or insufficiently addressed packages on to you. Always include your return address, email address and phone number. Also include a short problem description. If you think the repair falls under warranty, include a copy of the original purchase invoice or receipt.

For customs:
Declare the package content as "defective electronic flight device for repair by Swiss manufacturer" with a total value (including shipping) of EUR 53. Higher value declaration may result in Ballonservice having to pay a fee to get the package from customs. The Swiss manufacturer reserves the right to forward those costs to the customer.

Sending from EU countries

Ballon Service - Astrid Gerhardt
Oeschweg 12
88271 Wilhelmsdorf

Sending from non-EU countries (incl. Switzerland)

Ballon Service - Schmidle, Gerhardt
Kantonsstrasse 9
6033 Buchrain

Initial analysis and estimate

Every vario we receive undergoes a thorough initial analysis. The cost for this is
- CHF 30 for varios without any radio receivers
- CHF 40 for varios with any sort of radio receiver (GPS, FlyLink, Bluetooth etc.)
- CHF 50 for balloon varios
If the inspection shows a defect that was not mentioned by you, or if you asked for a cost estimate, we will then contact you to give you an estimate for the repair work. This estimate may be exceeded by the final invoice by up to 10%. If at any time during the repair we find that the final cost may exceed the estimate by more than 10%, we will contact you again.

Payment and shipping back


Once the repair work and all the tests are completed, we will mail the vario back to you with priority mail, invoice included.

Rest of the world

Once the repair work and all the tests are completed, you will receive an invoice for the work actually done, plus shipping costs. We then ship as soon as we receive payment, from Germany.

Taxes and Fees

Customers outside of Switzerland receive invoices without any VAT charges. Depending on your country’s VAT rules, VAT may be collected by your postal service upon delivery. Sometimes, the invoice for that comes from your national custom office, but it is not a custom fee. The custom rate for flight electronics is 0% in nearly all cases.